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N°5 – How to maintain emitter power output training (VTC level)

We have understood that to prevent a room from cooling, we must provide a quantity of heat equal to the heat losses.
It’s the same for the emitter. If we want it to maintain temperature to maintain its heat output, it must receive a quantity of heat equal to that which it gives out.
This energy can be provided by electricity or by a flow of hot water, which in cooling gives out the output to emit.

Let us consider a room where the heat losses are 3 [kW]:


To maintain the temperature of the above room stable:
– What output must the emitters give off?
– What thermal power must these emitters receive either by electricity or hot water?

The power received by the emitters must equal what they give out, so: 3 [kW].

The output of the emitters must equal the heat losses, so: [3 kW].