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Temperature and thermal expansion

Temperature and thermal expansion online course
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Objective(s) :

To understand temperature values and be able to calculate thermal expansion of water, air and piping.

Lesson requirement(s) :

Studying the last paragraph demands detailed knowledge of the E-book Volume & mass flow rates in HVAC. If you do not master this, leave this § till later.

Authors :

Patrick Delpech, Christian Chalvignac

Advices(s) :

The training difficulty of this lesson is NVQ Level (Vocational Certificate) to HND Level (Associate’s Degree). The first four § of this E-book are essential for working in the HVAC sector. At the Certificate and A level the book should be read entirely, but we will only deal with the exercises of the first four §. Before studying this chapter download and print the PDF exercise. Write down your answers to the exercise before checking the corrections on-line.
Download Pdf with all exercises

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