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Renewable Energy trainings


Renewable Energy training series encompasses essential topics such as solar thermal energy, solar water heating, heat pump technology, and global warming. Dive into the details of renewable energy sources and their technological aspects. Explore these comprehensive online courses for a deep understanding of sustainable energy solutions.

HVAC professionnals and Students

You will gain skills in solar thermal, solar water heating, heat pump tech, installation, regulation, and global warming awareness. These are vital for sustainable HVAC systems design, installation, and operation in line with renewable energy principles.


Before going deeper into the theme, familiarize yourself with Renewable Energy by consulting the following free lessons (topics are not mandatory for the start of your apprenticeship) :

Solar thermal energy
Heat pump training
Global warming training
Frequently Asked Questions
HVAC Learning courses are developed by a team of teachers and professionals with 20 years expertise on the field and in the classrooms. You can learn at your own pace, for the price of a few coffees
Exercises are part of the courses, with the solution each time. At the end of the course you need to pass a test with 80% of good answers to qualify. An handbook is also provided to complete the training if necessary.
  • Solar Thermal Energy: Understanding the principles and technology behind harnessing solar energy for heating purposes.
  • Solar Water Heating: Learning the technology and installation processes for using solar energy to heat water, a sustainable method for residential and commercial applications.
  • Heat Pump Technology: Gaining expertise in heat pump operation, performance, and installation, which is crucial for energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions.
  • Heat Pump Connection and Regulation: Acquiring skills in connecting and regulating heat pumps, both with and without domestic hot water (DHW) production, for optimal system performance.
  • Global Warming Awareness: Understanding the impacts of global warming and the role of renewable energy in mitigating its effects.
HVAC Technician/Installer, Refrigeration Technician, HVAC Instructor or Trainer, Energy Auditor, HVAC student, DIY homeowner enthusiast, HVAC Designer or Draftsperson, HVAC Sales Representative, HVAC Engineer.
Renewable Energy lessons are highly relevant for HVAC professionals as they broaden their expertise in sustainable energy solutions. Solar thermal, solar water heating, and heat pumps are increasingly integrated into HVAC systems for energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact.