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N°1 – Presentation of air conditioning training (VTC level)

Subject to the type of installation, air conditioning allows us to obtain quality conditions in summer and in winter in terms of:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air purity

In our temperate climates, in comfort installations:

In Europe, temperatures are generally maintained at:

  • approx. 20 [°C] (68 °F) in winter, a little less in sports facilities (16 [°C] (60 °F)) and a little more in shower and toilet areas, and health premises (21 à 22 [°C] (70-72 °F)).
  • approx. 25 [°C] (77 °F) in summer, and 24 [°C] (75 °F) in stable occupation premises (offices, hotels) and from 26 to 28 [°C] (79 to 82 °F) in areas with a lot of circulation (shops, public premises).

Humidity, when it is useful, is maintained at an average defined by a percentage of humidity which we will deal with in another section (30 to 50% in general in Europe). For better knowledge of humidity percentages at A level we can consult the course:  “Properties of air and the diagram of air humidity “.
Air purity is maintained by ventilation, and for certain premises, by filtering. The necessary flow of “fresh air” is subject to the number of occupants (approx. 30 [m³] per hour (1060 ft³/min) and per person).