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N°8 – Heatwave periods training (VTC level)

If you work in the HVAC sector, during heatwave periods you should advise your family and friends as follows:

Reduce to the maximum, sources of heat input to the building

  • Close the windows, curtains, blinds and shutters during the day, particularly on the side exposed to the sun.
  • Open the windows and shutters at night.
  • Limit the use of electrical equipment such as lighting, electric hot-plates, ovens, televisions, computers etc.
  • Install low energy consumption light bulbs.

Reduce the quantity of heat to be evacuated by the organism

  • Limit physical activity, rest up
  • Avoid food which is too rich

Help the organism evacuate its heat

  • Live in the room which is the least exposed to sunlight, close the communicating doors to exposed rooms
  • Dress in light clothes
  • Drink a lot (liquid evaporation helps to evacuate heat)
  • Air the room or use a fan (even if the room temperature is higher than skin temperature, fans help to evacuate sweat and therefore produce a cooling effect)
  • Use a water spray to dampen the skin, or other means; a shower etc.
  • If the type of flooring is appropriate, and slipping can be avoided, dampen the floor and the curtains, the wall coverings etc..
  • Only go out in the evenings, or stay in air conditioned rooms; avoid crowded non air conditioned places.