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Condensing boiler rooms training

Condensing boilers with DHW – Part 2

Objective(s) :

To be able to design or renovate a heating system with DHW production, having one or more condensing boilers, 4 or 6 connection, or one or more recuperators

Author(s) :

Patrick Delpech, Jacques Besse

Translator(s) :

Richard Pinder

Advice(s) :

The training difficulty of this lesson is NVQ Level (Vocational Certificate) to A Level ( High school Diploma) to HND Level (Associate’s Degree).
It is not enough to fit condensing boilers; the condensation has to take place. The study of this e-book is essential for technicians in charge of the design, installation and operation of these heating systems.
Before studying this chapter download and print the PDF exercise. Write down your answers to the exercise before checking the corrections on-line.

Training lesson requirement(s) :

“Condensing boiler systems without DHW, with 4 connections, & recuperator – Part 1”
“Condensing boiler receiver without DHW, with 4 connections, & recuperator – Part 2”