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Physics level 2

Power in HVAC

Objective(s) :

To understand the relation between power and energy

Author(s) :

Patrick Delpech, Jean Fonséca

Translator(s) :

Richard Pinder

Advice(s) :

The training difficulty of this lesson is NVQ Level (Vocational Certificate) to HND Level (Associate’s Degree).
This E-book is important given current developments, but we will only study the first 3 paragraphs for Vocational Certificate and A level.
Before studying this chapter download and print the PDF exercise. Write down your answers to the exercise before checking the corrections on-line.
Print the associated PDF exercise booklet before studying this lesson. It will enable you to write your answers to the HVAC learning exercises. You will thus be able to switch between reading or listening to the file on-line and writing in the booklet.

Training lesson requirement(s) :

A good understanding of the E-book “Energy and heat,” is necessary.