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Fan coils units, cooling floor and ceiling, chill beam training

Design of fan coil unit systems

Objective(s) :

to be capable of selecting fan coil units.

Author(s) :

Patrick Delpech, Francis Candas

Translator(s) :

Richard Pinder

Advice(s) :

The training difficulty of this lesson is HND Level (Associate’s Degree).
By permitting the centralisation of chilling production, fan coil units reduce the quantity of refrigerant fluid in circulation. Equally, in our temperate climates, they make substantial energy economies due to a lower dehumidification than DX systems.
Print the associated booklet before studying this lesson. It will enable you to write your answers to the HVAC learning exercises.
You will thus be able to switch between reading or listening to the file on-line and writing in the booklet.

Training lesson requirement(s) :

Fan coil units