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Hydraulic distribution training

Calculation of head losses and pump Tdh values (closed circuit)

Objective(s) :

To be able to determine equipment head losses; to be able to determine head losses of taps from their coefficient Kv.
To be able to determine the Tdh of pumps in closed circuits.

Author(s) :

Patrick Delpech, Frederic Clabaux

Translator(s) :

Richard Pinder

Advice(s) :

The training difficulty of this lesson is A Level ( High school Diploma) to HND Level (Associate’s Degree).
The subject is essential for work in a technical design office.
Before studying this chapter download and print the PDF exercise. Write down your answers to the exercise before checking the corrections on-line.

Training lesson requirement(s) :

– Presentation of pump pressure losses and pump Tdh values
– Pipe sizing (closed circuits)