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N°2 – The different types of motor training – NVQ to A level

When we refer to pumps, we usually talk about the pump and motor unit. In fact these are two distinct pieces of equipment which can be manufactured by two different companies and assembled by the pump manufacturer.

 Simple Pump housing                                 Pump housing with its electric motor

For the motors we recognise:

  • The single phase asynchronous or induction motor of 230 [V] for small and medium sized pumps

See section on electric motors, electrical engineering chapter .

  • Single phase synchronous motors that have been available on the market for a few years, also for small and medium powered pumps. They have the advantage of supplying optimum electrical output.

See section on electric motors, electrical engineering chapter.

  • Three-phase asynchronous induction motors 230V/400V/ 660V for medium and large pumps.

Single pair pole motor