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N°1 – Regulating objectives training (VTC level)

Regulating consists of keeping constant an output value such as the level of water in a leaking tank, temperature and/or humidity of a room, etc..

To do this, the control adjusts the “power” required depending on the needs. Indeed, to maintain the set point, it is necessary to compensate changes such as “leaky tanks”, exterior temperature changes or sunshine, etc….

The output value we try to maintain is called the set point.

Source Ademe

 In our branch, control systems have other functions permitting energy savings for building heating or air conditioning.
Often, these are regulated by a clock. This allows, for example:

  • Programming to stop the heating or air conditioning system during periods of absence.
  • Controlling set point changes to reduce power requirements. In winter, we can programme temperature reductions at night on heating controls.

Finally, thanks to regulating, we can check the correct operating of the system. We can, for example, protect the boiler from excessive over-heating, protect a hot water coil of an air-handling unit against frost in winter, etc.