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N°4 – Reversible air conditioners training (VTC level)

In the case of reversible air conditioners, we don’t usually talk of heat pumps because their main function is air conditioning in summer.
Nevertheless, choosing during selection a reversible model (practically with no extra cost) is a sensible choice.
However, the electric power on our electric meter must be sufficient to allow this (or plan for electric load-shedding at peak times).

We must particularly choose a model equipped with an anti-freeze system allowing operation in outside temperatures of less than 7 [°C] (44.6 °F).
In fact when approaching 0 [°C] (32 °F) water vapour contained in the outside air cooled by the HP condenses and freezes on the evaporator.
To eliminate this ice a short reversal of the refrigerating cycle is triggered. The heat required for de-freezing is therefore taken, momentarily, from the inside of the heated building.

We can identify (see E-book « Air conditioners – Part 1 »):

Window” reversible air conditioners- – – – – – – – – – Monosplit reversible air conditioner

     Multisplit reversible air conditioners