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Physics technical base

A general presentation of refrigerating machines

Objective(s) :

To be familiar with the technology of air conditioning units using radiation as a means of exchange and induction or air density as a means of displacement.

Author(s) :

Patrick Delpech, Joseph Achour

Translator(s) :

Richard Pinder

Advice(s) :

The training difficulty of this lesson is HND Level (Associate’s Degree).
The mastery of air conditioning loads means that these systems are much easier to use than before. The absence of a fan facilitates maintenance and ensures silent operating. The study of cooling floors and ceilings and chilled beams has therefore become highly topical. Print the associated booklet before studying this lesson. It will enable you to write your answers to the HVAC learning exercises. You will thus be able to switch between reading or listening to the file on-line and writing in the booklet.

Training lesson requirement(s) :

Fan coil units – Technology